Why this Home was purchased and designed for Out-of-Town Patients + their Caregivers/Families…

Expecting to be home within a few hours, my husband drove us one and a half hours from our home to his doctor appointment in Springfield, Oregon on April 5, 2016, because he had an infection. Shortly after arriving at the doctor's office, he was rushed to ER in septic shock. Two horrific months later we returned home from the hospital. I almost lost my husband multiple times due to numerous complications. Going from long days in the hospital to a confined motel room at night, was as bad as having to eat three meals out every day for 60 days. Receiving hospital calls that my husband was back in ICU, made me realize no motel was close enough to the hospital. At times all the motels were previously booked, so I was forced to check out, and slept in the hospital. None of these conditions are healthy for anyone’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. As his caregiver, I needed all three functioning stronger than ever!

There is so much more to this two-month rollercoaster journey, that I could write a very intense book. However it would have a happy ending thanks to God. With prayers from family, friends, priests, and strangers, along with superb doctors and staff, my husband was miraculously healed and has two new heart valves.

Feeling so blessed that my husband survived against all odds, I felt the need to give back. Through prayer, I learned that I should offer out-of-town patients and their families something I didn't have... A Visitor’s Haven...a comfortable, safe, and peaceful home, located very close to the Springfield hospitals, to accommodate families in need before, during, and after their loved one’s medical treatment. I searched more than a year for that perfect home that would fulfill all those needs. And I knew exactly what those needs would be!

Finally, September 15, 2017 that perfect home became A Visitor’s Haven and on October 18th Elizabeth and George from Kentucky were the first to be comforted in the Haven (for 32 days). George had emergency triple bypass surgery while on vacation and couldn’t leave Springfield, Oregon for six weeks. Elizabeth’s motel told her all the rooms would soon be booked for a tournament, so they would need to check out during those (upcoming) days. After learning everything was booked, they heard about A Visitor’s Haven for patients and families.  While staying in the comforts of A Visitor’s Haven, George healed more rapidly and was able to go home two weeks earlier. The following week a couple from Roseburg rented it for scheduled open-heart surgery, and highly recommended A Visitor’s Haven to their neighbor. Since each patient from Roseburg had scheduled surgery, they were able to share precious moments at A Visitor’s Haven with their loved one, the night before their loved one's surgery.

May God bless + heal you wherever you stay,  Owner of A Visitor's Haven, llc

A message from Meme, the manager of A Visitor's Haven, llc

As you can see, A Visitor’s Haven, was purchased with heartfelt empathy and compassion, for patients and their caregivers/families to rent during their medical journey of uncertainties. Like the owner and her husband, none of us typically know when we (or our loved one) might end up in the hospital. Therefore, I invite you to join the mission of A Visitor's Haven, llc. You too can help out-of-town medical patients and their families in advance. Please share the website: AVisitorsHaven.com, brochure, or talk about “A Visitor's Haven” to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. That way if they ever have a medical emergency, its one less timely decision they need to make. And they will thank you for telling them in advance.  This all-new concept of a well-needed home dedicated exclusively for out-of-town patients and families, is something to talk about because...        A Visitor's Haven offers the calm, comfort, and convenience that is needed and deserved for all medical needs.

It is so heartwarming to learn that patients and their families are being comforted at A Visitor's Haven! By sharing this humanitarian mission… you too can help patients and their caregivers/families that suddenly need A Visitor’s Haven!

Thank you to all that are already helping others in need by spreading the word!

Meme,  Manager 

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