Truly a special place…beyond expectations…

We truly appreciate A Visitor’s Haven. It has been beyond expectations! Such a warm and inviting place. My mother and I were able to enjoy a lovely evening together before her surgery today. A Visitor’s Haven is so thoughtfully designed and accommodating. The patio and garden with raspberries and blueberries is a wonderful area. You caring for all of us and our mother, throughout our stay at A Visitor’s Haven during trying times, was felt and greatly appreciated.

The icons and various plaques with quotes throughout the Haven were so inspiring and uplifting to my mother that she asked my niece to take pictures of them to text to her phone. This was her inspiration while she was in the hospital.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness, prayers, and support. Also for the flexibility to extend our stay due to circumstances beyond our control. We have, and will continue to pass along the good word about A Visitor’s Haven, assuring everyone that this is truly a special place and such a blessing to all of us.

I appreciate all you’ve done.

Jami Rodman, San Francisco (patient’s daughter)
Gladys Coos Bay, OR (patient)